31 Days of Wishes – Building on Regret

31 Days of Wishes – Building on Regret


31 Days of WishesI just completed 30 Days of Thanks over on my blog Real Home Sense. It was a great exercise because it really got my writing juices flowing and created a habit of writing near-daily. Since I had begun looking forward to writing regularly on all my blogs, I was very happy to see the month come to completion, so I could use that time writing other content.

Then Stacy and Heather decided to start 31 Days of Wishes! Just as I did when invited to 30 Days of Thanks, I chose not to do it, and then reconsidered.

As I thought about the types of wishes I might make this month, I realized most of them were based in regret.

“I wish I had done differently…”
“I wish I’d known…”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking backwards and taking stock of history as long as it only serves as a baseline for looking forward and improving upon the past.

Since all my regrets are based on relationships – both inward and outward – I decided 31 Days of Wishes would be better suited for this blog. If I don’t blog the wishes daily, I’ll write a summary post with multiple smaller wishes that cover a few days at a time. This way I’ll also have time for my other neglected blogs.

So my first wish is this:
That all my wishes this month will stand on the shoulders of the past to get a better view of the future.

30_days_thanksIf you’d like to participate in 31 Days of Wishes – head on over to www.31daysofwishes.com for the details. Take a brief moment to wish with others. Perhaps the united message will make a difference in someone’s life.



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