31 Days of Wishes – Improved Change for 2010

31 Days of Wishes – Improved Change for 2010


Goodbye 2009.

Hello 2010!

I have never looked more forward to seeing the calendar page turned, as I am this year. Judging by the comments from friends, both online and off, I’m not the only one.

This past year has been a challenging one collectively and privately. I’ve seen more unemployed friends than ever before. Those who are working are still struggling financially to make ends meet. I’ve seen much depression and sadness. I don’t believe it comes from a single year of challenges, it’s been building and people are getting worn down.

Despite strenuous times, I’ve also seen jobs become available, I’ve seen businesses created and hope propagated. Communication and collaboration have spawned in previously unseen places. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times.

Decades ago, I began the process of journal writing on New Year’s Eve. I’d summarize the previous year’s events and set goals – or wishes – for the incoming year. When I began the tradition, I was full of hope for my future but somewhere several years ago, I stopped corresponding about each incoming term. I lost the heart to keep writing year after year, without seeing MY personal goals materialize. I had helped others achieve theirs but my life remained stagnant. Today, I plan to find that journal and begin to dream again.

My wish for this final blog post of 31 Days of Wishes is for improved change in 2010.  I want signs that the economy is on the upswing and that everyone’s quality of life is improving.

There are two special mentions I’d like to send focused wish karma to for 2010.

The first is Operation Kid Equip. I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the organization’s founders, Menachem Kniespeck yesterday and was blown away with his dedication and passion for the organization. Operation Kid Equip’s purpose is to provide school supplies to children who don’t have any, due to financial shortfalls in their families. In a few short years, volunteers have built the non-profit organization and are providing access to school supplies for a significant number of children.

I wish more people would step up and donate to this worthy cause. I wish him lots of publicity and more corporate sponsors. If you’d like to help, school supplies are appreciated but money is preferred. Menachem has managed to get discounted pricing on the supplies they buy, so the dollars go further.

Education can help end the cycle of poverty and here is an organization working on behalf of the community. Helping kids improves the future of our area, and ultimately, will help us all.

The second good karma wish goes out to a personal friend and her husband. She began as a client but somehow evolved into a friend over the years. I’m not even sure when it happened, although I’ll never forget when I realized it.

We were getting ready to move from Ohio to Michigan and had put an offer in on our current home. The seller wanted us to close a month earlier than our property in Ohio was scheduled to close. We didn’t have the savings to carry two mortgages for a month and were coming up short. I explained this financial fiasco during a business lunch. Later that day I received a call from my friend. She’d talked with her husband and they offered to loan us $10,000 so we could carry both houses for a month. No strings. Just take it and pay it back when our Ohio home closed.

I cried.

Not from the relief of a problem resolved but from the honor of the trust she was bestowing upon me.

Now she and her husband need a break. The last few years have seen a chain of bad luck and I’m watching my friend getting worn down. All I can do is tell her I’m here for her. My ear and my shoulder are available, perhaps I can offer a laugh or two. My house is always open for as long as she needs it.

So for my friend, I wish a year of improved change and a strong sense of renewed hope that things WILL get better.

2010 will begin a decade of improved change. I’m sure of it.

31 Days of Wishes

If you’d like to participate in 31 Days of Wishes – head on over to www.31daysofwishes.com for the details. Take a brief moment to wish with others. Perhaps the united message will make a difference in someone’s life.


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