C’mon Baby, You Know You Like It

C’mon Baby, You Know You Like It


Party Girls Kiss by Dominics Pics on Flickr

“The slutty party girl is fun until she pukes on the floor and then she’s a pain in the ass.”
House, Season 5, Episode “Lucky Thirteen”

What’s interesting about this statement isn’t just the obvious inequality of how males use females; it’s not always a male-female issue.

She’s great as long as she’s entertaining “me” but as soon as I have to take care of “her” I’m not interested.

Another way of saying it?
“Do Me, Do Me, Do Me.”
“eeewww I have to do you?”

It’s not just men who have this issue. How many women do you know that eagerly lay back to enjoy special treatment from their mate but aren’t enamored about reciprocating?

And it’s not just applicable to sex. The employment is much further and wider. Although our society is built on those that give with the expectation of getting, there are many who expect to be “done for” or “serviced.”

Being an analytical person, I’ve found I often attract people with issues that need to be worked out. They enjoy the shallow clarity I provide them, but as soon as I begin to challenge their thinking in more depth or find myself requiring reciprocal emotional support, their interest wanes. You see, they only want to be done for in ways that benefit them. Ways that confirm what they want to hear, see, or feel. Once demands are made, they move towards the next unsuspecting subject…. and onto the next party girl.

Is it a result of the Me-centric world we live in? Or has it always existed and we see it increasingly often because we are in contact with more people on a regular basis? Or perhaps men were more likely to have this trait but as women develop true equality, they’re also adopting habits that once were male dominated?


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