Use Those New Toes to Give Yourself a Kick in the Ass

Use Those New Toes to Give Yourself a Kick in the Ass


Heel By Federico Coppola on FlickrYes, those shoes are sexy, but if they hurt, don’t wear them. There’s nothing sexy about hobbling around in high heels because they were designed for women who only have four toes. There’s nothing sexy about not being able to take that stroll after dinner because looking good in stilettos is more important than quality time with your partner.

I watched a show on the news last night and was appalled; people are actually paying money for surgery on their feet so they can then spend more money on shoes. Now aside from the fact this makes no financial sense, why would anyone undergo the risk of surgery just to wear trendy shoes? I am just as disgusted to see beautiful older women getting facelifts and small breasted women enlarging their A & B cup sizes to “freakishly large.” Post-op, those previously beautiful starlets, look distorted and fake while the big boobed babe has taken the term “bounce in your step” to a whole new level while out running.

In a Barbie World…

Think about this: how exciting is a world where every woman looks like Barbie and every man like Ken? All of a sudden the short, small chested, birkenstock wearing brunette with the long second toe will be the toast of the town. Why? Because she’s NOT the norm.

It’s those idiosyncrasies that make us unique and allow us to find just the “right” person for us. What if instead of focusing on what you consider negatives, you take the time to realize your positives? What are they? Hair, smile? How about going a little deeper? Sense of humor? Intelligence? Whatever your shortcomings, you have strengths that are far more important than what you think you don’t have.

Create your own idea of beauty.

Mine is internal, I don’t care how someone looks, it’s their soul I’m interested in. My whole adult life, I’ve struggled with weight. I wanted to be thin, I wanted to look hot in the latest-made-for-size-2-fashions, but I’ve finally made peace with myself because I realized something…. my weight struggles have taught me important lessons.

I learned that not everything is easy. I learned that being judged is a fantastic way to siphon the shallow people out of my life. I learned to be empathic to other people’s struggles and to not judge what I’ve never experienced personally. I’ve learned that sometimes there are invisible forces that impact lives. I’ve learned to see beyond what advertisers tell us is beautiful and now see beauty in everything.

I’ll never understand why people turn themselves inside out to accommodate an unrealistic definition of beauty perpetuated by companies to increase their bottom line. Instead, I’d prefer to do business with a company trying to accommodate me. I would pay more for sexy shoes that were comfortable on my non-surgically enhanced feet…. but until then…. I’ll just wear them laying down.

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