Dear Woman – A Manifesto for Conscious Men


The following video was sent to me by email. I watched it with interest, appreciating the intended message, but it left me feeling mildly uncomfortable.

There have been many extreme reactions to this video.

The issue that many people have – and the one that left me feeling uncomfortable – is making all men responsible by issuing an apology on behalf of their gender. Also the assumption that all women are innocents. There are women who have contributed to these crimes and continue to promote an imbalance of power. Perhaps unconsciously, perhaps not.

If you’ve ever been through a healing process in which you must overcome crimes committed against you, an apology is powerful. Getting an apology – even if it’s not directly from the perpetrator – can be the start of the healing process. This is the core spirit of the video.

Our world has been dominated by masculinity. Through embracing the feminine with equal fervor, our individual and collective world will become more balanced.

It’s easy to criticize another for not creating something we deem as a perfect solution. What if instead, we gave the originators credit for beginning a process and discussion? Let’s take what’s healthy and build on it.

Do you think the underlying message is helpful or hurtful? How would you improve it?

Here is a small sample of responses:
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  1. I agree we all in this together. I do feel as men we need do more than apologize for what we didn’t do. I wrote more about it here:

    Let’s keep the dialogue open.

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