Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother's DayToday is the day to honor mothers. What makes a good mother can vary considerably person to person and year to year as a child grows. For example, I thought being a mother meant unconditional love, as my children grow I realize, they too, must have some responsibility in upholding their part of our relationship.

I have been blessed. My mother taught me the importance of affection and love which I passed onto my children.

When I first had my babies, I assumed if I put my heart and soul into them, they would grow to be fine, young men. It has proven true, thank goodness! Raising children is like closing your eyes and jumping – thinking you know where you’ll land, but never being sure until you do.

The attached picture and the poem below are my favorite Mother’s Day gifts from my boys. The handprint is a gift from my soon to be 18 year old, his hand now bigger than the material the kindergarten version is printed upon.

The poem is from my new 16 year old. He wrote it in his first years of school. Both gifts make me cry.

Night in Shining Armor

You’re the shield
Blocking things I do and say
You’re the sword
Slashing my nightmares far away
You’re the night in shining armor
Keeping me safe,
Happy mothers day.

By your son,
C. Williams

I hope you are celebrating today with the women who have slashed your nightmares away. Happy Mother’s Day.



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