Bad Romance on International Women’s Day

Bad Romance on International Women’s Day


I’ve been trying to craft a post in my head the past week knowing that International Women’s Day was upon us, but it never got from my head to the blog. When I saw the following video, I knew I had to share it.

I am neither an avowed Republican or Democrat. I’m new to voting in the USA and certain policies on both sides of the political divide disgust me, but I have a particular distaste for the journalists who push their own agendas. As a viewer, I want impartial reporting, but that seems to be non-existent. Where is the equality, fairness and compassion for our fellow human beings? Is it necessary to try to crush the spirit of people who have a difference of opinion from our own? What happened to respectful debate?

We should be celebrating women this month, instead Rush Limbaugh has proven that even intelligent people continue to stereotype us. And Bill Maher considers sexist name calling a respectable form of humor in our society. It’s not acceptable to belittle any human being as comedy or to make a point. Women just seem to be easier targets, and until it becomes universally UNacceptable, it won’t end.

The following video brought tears to my eyes. It’s created by a company called Somoo Publishing, they create interactive online courses and their videos are brilliant teaching tools. I would consider going back to school with an online course like this one.

It seems the only way to get men and society to change is to stand up to them by putting them on mute. They are welcome to continue spouting their first amendment rights, but that doesn’t mean I have to listen to them.

Let’s take a “Bad Romance” lesson from Soomu and the suffragettes. If we don’t like the way we’re being treated, we can organize ourselves to make a solid point.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Thanks Marya for the video share!


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